“There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.”
Bernard Williams
Key Takeaways: Take a psychological peek into your puppy’s dreams, emotions,
interests, tail wagging, and body language.
Ever wondered what your dog is thinking about? Read on to find out more.
Would you like to know what your dog might be thinking? Wouldn’t that be
wonderful? Perhaps you have thought of a situation where your dog is able to
clearly communicate with you. Unfortunately, this is nothing more than wishful
thinking. However, you can develop a basic understanding of the psychology of
your puppy.

“What are you thinking?” you might wonder, as your puppy is looking at you
longingly. If you have already fed him and have also taken him out for a walk, it
might be really difficult to figure out what he is thinking. Dogs tend to gaze at
their owners, intently. Probably this isn’t a sign of boredom. He is probably
staring at you intently because he wants a treat, wants to play, or just wants you
to pet him for a while. Your dog might also be doing this because he wants some
extra attention and love.

Looking Sad
Do you feel really guilty when you leave your puppy home alone and head out to
work the whole day? You might worry that your dog would be sad the whole
day. Unless your puppy has separation anxiety, your puppy will be perfectly fine.
In fact, if you have a dog walker checking in on your dog, then the puppy would
greet him with a wagging tail. Your puppy might seem confused or even sad
when you leave, but they tend to get used to your routine. They tend to adapt
themselves to it. However, it is really important that your dog knows the
difference between your usual work schedule and a long trip

Barking Repeatedly
Does your puppy tend to keep barking whole night long? It might seem like the
only reason he’s doing this is to keep you from getting any sleep. You will need
to remember that they bark for a particular reason. Your puppy isn’t barking to
annoy you. Your puppy might be doing this to get your attention. A dog usually
barks when it wants something. Perhaps a treat, to go on a walk, or even to be
freed from its confinement. It could also be because your puppy senses danger
and he wants to let you know. Or he is excited and wants to play with you. Dogs
tend to learn by repeating their behaviors. If your puppy has discovered that by
barking, he gets something that he wants, he will keep on doing it

Cocking Their Head
You might have noticed that your dog tends to tilt his head to the side when you
speak to him. This is definitely not because your puppy understands the story
you are telling him. They tend to cock their head for multiple reasons. Your
puppy might be hoping to better understand a word you are saying, or something
that sounds familiar. Your puppy might also be cocking his head so that he can
hear you better. Or perhaps to get a better look at your face to understand what
you are saying.
Attempting to understand what goes on within your puppy’s mind is an ongoing
practice. After a while, you will be able to understand what your dog wants by
just one look of theirs.



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